Designing a good RESTFUL API load test

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Hit it hard, until it doesn’t break

You think it works, but does it?…

You have created a brand new website, based on latest standards, and of course your backend is based on RESTFUL api’s. And yes, your architecture is scalable and all that. You may even use Azure Functions or Amazon Functions, everything is fine.. you think..

But how do you actually ensure that your API can handle the load? There exists many pitfalls. For example, what if you made a mistake in the SQL transaction handling, which only occurs under high load with connection pooling? And what about connections to third party systems, which is out of your control, because the servers are distributed around the world?

The only way to be completely confident, is to run a heavy load test on your API.

Now, you may already have a lot of well-designed tests with variables, which you run in the well-known API testing tool, Postman.

So, would it now be awesome, if you could put this API-test into the cloud, and run it as many different users?

Yes, you can.

You simply just export the Postman Collection, and then run it through this conversion tool, to transform it into a JMeter JMX file. 

JMeter is an open source Load Testing tool, and the JMeter JMX-file, you can just upload into one of the many cloud services.

Examples of platforms, who supports JMeter:



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